L'Article en anglès de la RTS 214

Sergio García García, Xavier Martínez Ramírez
social work, politicisation, social transformation, rights, debt, housing, evictions


This paper advocates politicising professional social work in view of the social emergency situation triggered by the huge rise in social inequality, and specifically owing to housing exclusion. Politicisation does not merely refer to the political influence on social reforms; rather, it is deemed a process whereby professional work becomes a driver for transformation by re-examining the roles and the establishment of alliances as horizontally as possible with the individuals directly affected by social problems and organised groups in order to clarify the structural conflict that triggers these problems. Even tough housing has been the key social issue in recent decades in Spain, it is also behind the foremost collective empowerment initiatives that have taken place in our neighbourhoods and cities. Learning from these processes from the standpoint of the profession and cooperating on the methods for action from within the institution may solve the potential deadlock in the current social care model in place,